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We are excited to announce you the coming of the second finnish beast named PeppuReino!

Following the departure of Zenhger & Pause from Ace and Zerxies & Rhys from Instinct, some players are on the market until season two of CSX Pro League, but a logical fusion of these 2 teams is really probable since they both competed for a top place. Joel "PeppuReino" Viljanen has always been a good friend for us, and we all appreciate his in game capacities as much as his state of mind. We recently announced that Sebu joined the organization so it's look like these two Vikings will finally play under the same banner.

A lot of projects are coming up for 2017, to consistently trying get the highest level of play, a second EU team will be opened in order to set custom pracc and scrims 4 days a week. A coach is needed, but every applications will be reviewed. If you are interested, please join

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    It's hard to answer this demand straight away. There is no such particular rate card or menu card and as needs be the #charges of #movers and #packers changes from conditions to conditions begin. 

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