#FD2017: Team changes, Fragdown Academy

Sun 15th Jan 2017 - 8:56pm : General : Gaming



For this new year 2017, Fragdown Team is wishing you happiness and prosperity!



The team is glad to inform that we decided to stick with CSX for at least one more year! Since 2016, the competitive scene has grown not only in size but also in terms of events launched by both (team ranking) and Rank G (individual ranking) platforms. It has been a difficult year for us, with dropping maps and also a game against EFFECT during the CSX Pro League 1 for the first time. This second place has been a motivation and caused us to reflect on some points during the end of the year. The team composition has been modified and here is your team for 2017:

Romain "Ematic" Tolos

Erwan "RshoT" Raillot

Luigi  "Alpha" Alexandru

Severi "Sebu" Saarnieniemi

Joel "PeppuReino" Viljanen

The line up will also receive tips and dedicated practice session from one of our former player who moved to a managing role, Fouad "Aureles" Bakkali. From the beginning of the year, our coach evaluates us so that he can establish the program that suits the team, and which will optimise our training. In order to really put our new ideas into practice, a coach, who stimulates us to stick to the promises we have made to ourselves, is a big help


Fragdown Academy

We are also extremely pleased to announce you that the organization will expand by creating a second CSX squad called Fragdown Academy. The organization is always looking for talented players with any differents kinds of styles and experiences who wish to join an outstanding team. A lot of effort will be put in this part of Fragdown, with working in close contact with the main team and the staff.

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

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    During #moving process to save our goods from any damage and loss appropriate #packing of goods is must, for our goods safety we know the relevance of proper packing but for proper packing you will require proper packing material only then your proper packing will be successful so to provide full safety to our goods today we will discuss types of flexible #packaging materials also I will tell you the name of professional and credible movers whom you can call for assistance in your #move in #Hyderabad.
    #Packers and #Movers #Hyderabad are serving us from years in the field of relocation in Hyderabad. They are associated with the skillful team and have plenty of updated resources to provide excellent services to their customer within reasonable rate, that’s why their customers also address them as #Cheap and #best Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. They have maintain the same level of efficiency and effectiveness they have from the start and always try to provide the best in services that’s why they are now from top 4 leading moving companies in Hyderabad and also IBA approved. When you call them packers and Movers #rate #list #chart from their different vendors will be presented to you, Packers and Movers #price #quotes for relocation in Hyderabad will be presented to you only after doing free assessment of your home, so to provide full accuracy in price.
    Flexible packaging materials are the materials which adjust itself according to the shape of the items. These packaging absorb all the moisture and keep the temperature under the control during the transit. Flexible packaging materials are made up of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and polyester. These give us wide range of packaging material which we can choose according to our need.
    Top Packers And Movers In Hyderabad
    Types Of Flexible Packaging Material Are:
    Paper bags:
    This is commonly known as shopping bag and gift bag; these are environmental friendly and come in various colors, shapes and they are quite sturdy and durable too.
    You can use as such, for packing the bundle of goods before packing them on the moving box. Like you can put no. of books on such and then pack them on box so to save them from dirt and dust.
    Non woven bags:
    These are made by entangling the fibers together with the help of an adhesive; these bags are handy and waterproof. You can pack some sturdy material on such bags and directly load them on the truck.
    Carry bags:
    These bags are spacious, light weight and durable; pack your liquid items on such bags, so if by chance they spill then they won’t be able to damage the other goods. Pack your stuff toys and cushion on such firstly then on some sturdy box.
    They are waterproof and have high tensile strength; these are used to pack perishable items and your small items such as screw of furniture, your jewellery items etc.
    LDPE bags
    These bags have low melting point and can be used to store food items for a move in Hyderabad.
    HDPE trash bags:
    These bags are helpful to pack your heavy and big items like furniture and mattress to save them from dirt and dust.
    Adhesive tapes:
    It can be two sided or one sided, it is use to secure the ends and for joining the two material. It provides the excellent adhesive.
    Courier bags:
    These are used by parcel freight companies and e commerce companies.
    Bubble wrap:
    It is the most used packaging marital during the #most, it provide cushions to your goods.
    To provide full security pack your artifacts, fragile items in bubble wrap. It provides shock and pressure absorption which is must to #safe your goods during the #transportation and you know what it is cheap in #cost.

    <iframe class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" src="" width="320" height="266" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" data-thumbnail-src=""></iframe>
    Air bubble pouches:
    These are used to pack small electronic items, these are lightweight and provide protection to your item, and these are widely used in e commerce to ship the goods.
    BOPP (bi axially oriented polypropylene) films:
    These are versatile and have barrier properties. It is heat sealable film.
    Stretch films:
    It is palletized box. These are highly stretchable so to bind the items tightly. This are use to pack the bundles and boxes, for fragile item use it as secondary layer after bubble wrap.
    Corrugated box:
    These are popular for their sturdiness, Cost and quality. These are recyclable and perfect for transportation, the benefit of corrugated box it that it can be molded and folded easily and can be customizes easily.

    For any assistance in your relocation in Hyderabad just call Packers and Movers Hyderabadand unburden yourself and for more reliance, check out Packers and Movers Hyderabad #review.

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