The CSX powerhouse is not done yet

Fri 7th Sep 2018 - 12:18am : General : Gaming


A bit more than a year ago, the organisation disapeared after placing first with Effect at the major organised by 360Global and you haven't got any news since so here for you what are the changes made and what are our plans for the next events.

We are back with the same quality standards and high requirements and will put a lot of efforts to stay the most iconic team Counter-Strike: GO ever has on console. Our goals are the same : competing to not drop a single first place but also to attract new players through our videos and streams.

The team we gathered and wish to keep for the longest time possible is not unknown and very likely the best we ever had. After an event already won together (the GCL Champions Cup), Optimal players that consisted of a mix between some of FD and Effect members, have judged the roster stable enough to change the name and join Fragdown in order to get a better visibility.

For those that haven't been around the scene during the last year, we are very proud to present you our new beasts.



Adrian "Adeux" Perez (Spain)

Nicolas "ic0n" Keagan (France)

Jay "JwG" Grath (Canada)



Severi "SEBU" Sarnieniemi (Finland)

Erwan "RshoT" Delaluna (France)

Romain "Ematic" Tolos (France)



Connall "Subject" Walter (England)



Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

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    Principle 1
    Don’t criticize, command or complain
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    Principle 2
    Give honest and sincere appreciation
    However for helping you in moving you give them a thank-you note, thank-you party and many other gifts to say them thank-you which are very crucial. But what Packers and Movers Kolkata To Surat Charges Approx feel is that apart from all these showing off preparations you must look forward for honest and sincere appreciations.
    With some reasons you cannot afford a moving company like us to drive your move in right track but although you’re following our tips and tricks to pack and move under budget. There is no way to give gifts, cards or party to say thank-you; everyone knows what you’re and the actuality behind you. Try to be simple and give them the honest and sincere appreciations they deserve for their good and helping personality and also for what they did for you. Cards, gifts and parties are for just one time; you give and people will forget, but what people will remind is your words.
    Appreciate them with the real thoughts and feelings you have and want to share with them.
    Principle 3
    Always smile
    No one is perfect; or you and even nor the hands which are helping you. As Packers And Movers West Midnapore always says packing and shifting is not easy, and it’s not a game of child that you can play without any knowledge for an try- a single mistake can lead several lives, and budget broken into 1 minute.
    Definitely you might be following our tips to #Pack and #Shift and during this if any misunderstanding occurs and you done the job wrong- then do not get angry, do not complain it to anyone and even do not shout- stay clam it’s not a loss of huge amount you can recover it back only extra time will be deducted. So always smile and create happy environment as we says because this will win your friends and colleagues heart and also this will influence them to work for you more until you are ready to say goodbye to your home. Smile and stay happy with the destiny decision of moving, definitely something very special must be ready for you in future so think about it and smile.
    Principle 4
    Be a good listener
    You’re not a professional we are repeating it once again. So if your friends or colleagues are advising you for some good tips or methods to pack and move fast, trust them, believe them and follow it.
    Although if you have capacity to command anyone or to shout on anyone then have double capacity to listen from another one.
    Is not just your ideas and thoughts always work well, when people are helping; they have rights to advice you and give you ideas. So do not command on anyone, win people and influence people so that they help you without any wealth. Not even if you’re friends are helping you but even if any of your known, nearby person is helping you in packing or moving; and if they have some good beneficial idea then give them a chance to represent it and be a good listener to listen and then decide what to do next. Several people have several connections and contact networks and this is how you can try to hire workers, trucks, vehicles for moving in good amount under your budget with good quality due to your connections. So listen everyone asks advice and try to finalize one which is more beneficial for you- says Safe Packers and Movers in Kolkata.
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    How To Move All Through A Peak Moving Season, Things To Evoke | By Packers And Movers Ahmedabad


    When is a peak moving season in India according to Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad?

    Well we cannot define you the exact time like it changes with the customers priority and demands, but though Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad is serving since 2001 and on the behalf of so much of experience and collection of records, few seasons or time has been consider as a peak season which indulges: summer and winter vacations, spring season, festive season, weekends. Though the data from last few years says this but even on off season time #Local #Packers and #Movers #Ahmedabad can be busy with moves; so it doesn’t mean that this is the peak season running on; customer choose off season to #move because of less quotation prize and easy availability of moving services. Or in simple apart from season time from 15th may to 31st august is the busiest time we spend in serving the #packing and #shifting services.
    What to consider when moving in peak season?

    Well there are many reasons or points which one has to focus while planning move in a peak season. But there are two most crucial factors which one has to consider while moving in a peak season according to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad

    Higher fees: this is a of course factor everyone will be agreeing to this that YES in a peak season normally the rates increase to its double level. However this is not only valid to moving case but you can see in any case, like you need something in urgent and cannot find any alternative and you have to buy a product anyhow, in that case you pay as much the seller ask you to pay; this may not be the peak season but it’s a peak time for the seller because he knowns you #need it and you’ve no options left out. The same case happens with the moving and packing industry, in peak season movers have queue of moves to handle, so if you wants a specific mover to handle your move then you might have to little higher fees than the normal one. 

    Local Packers And Movers Ahmedabad

    Inadequate options: very true; when you’ve less time and peak season is running on you really get less options to choose from, so be sure for one thing that if you’ve any specific mover for your move then might be possible due to busy schedules you may need to skip to another moving company, so you hardly gets options to choose form as all the movers are pre-booked in advance- says Movers and Packers in Rajkot.
    How to organize a efficacious peak season move with packers and movers in Ahmedabad?
    Plan smart
    Okay so smart in the sense Packers and Movers Surat wants you to be start at early as possible to you. When you’re confirmed with a moving date then there is no cancellation you can consider unless a critical situation comes in front of you. So looking to your dates at least a month before talk to the reliable movers in Ahmedabad and ask them for your move, take quotation and pick one for your moving date. Hiring them in off season for the on season move, the charges will be counted as the off season quotation prizes, so make sure you plan very smart; take advice from packers and movers in Ahmedabad.
    Be flexible
    Now stay flexible even if you’re late to hire the mover be ready to handle the move either as an DIY or as an with a mover which might not be that professional. So if you want to save some money in peak moving season then somewhere it is asked to be flexible and accept what you get- says Local Packers and Movers Ahmedabad.
    Take care of the paperwork on time
    This is highly requisite that you hire the reliable movers on time with Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad and it is again crucial to complete all the paperwork’s on time, even giving it nice time to read and sign. So do not forget to read the papers carefully, and make sure to wind up the moving paper works on time as required.
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    Top Shifting Tips For Newlywed Couples| Enjoy The Move With Safe And Fast Packers And Movers Gurgaon


    Be quick off the starting line
    Do this really matters how much months or weeks or even days you both had passed being together when the motive is to move to new house fast. However this matters too because being a new partner for each other knowing each other becomes quite difficult but you’re trying to walk together.
    We have said this because when you know you have to move you don’t have a choice then focus over this and try to work together which ensures to know much better. #Packers and #Movers in #Gurgaon suggest you to prepare yourself as quick as you can. A reason behind this is if you plan quickly then you might save money and also you can move on time. For newly wed couple we truly comprehends you need time to spend with each other but yet for a kind piece of mind if you’re thinking to move to another state or back to your home town then plan at least a month prior to moving date. Because money and time is always a matter of thing.
    Inventory like there’s no tomorrow
    Okay, so by now you clear that you should start planning early but do you sure about which task to take first into hands? Obviously not but as soon as you are possible to plan quickly start with making your moving checklist.
    Packers and Movers in Gurgaon makes your task simple—as you make your monthly budget by diving the specific amount into every necessary and important expenses as similarly you need to make a checklist. This doesn’t mean to make budget because Top Packers and Movers Gurgaon offers you #Affordable quotation. But what you need to do is make a list of rooms or stuffs you need to take in your new house. Because the first step is to remove the de-clutter thereby you let go your all useless items from house so the no. old stuffs automatically deceases. So by now list the room you are planning to pack and move into new house.
    Relocation Shifting in Gurgaon
    Don’t move what won’t need
    As mentioned in the above point the first task is to remove the de-clutter and several of times Packers And Movers Mahendragarh Charges tells you why and how to remove the de-clutter. For more contact to your own Safe and Secure Packers and Movers in Gurgaon. The next step is might be clear to you that why you need to remove useless items to take only the things you use so that it organizes your home and also the price charge less for lesser quantity.
    This has logic when you really don’t need any item or good then why to give them a storage space in house and uselessly giving them corner when you don’t use them. There are many such items in our house might be someone has gifted us and it’s not of use therefore we keep it for an occasion to git it back to another person. This cycle runs but you should know when you don’t use them then remove them no matter when the party or occasion will come accordingly purchase gift to your budget.
    Hire the packers and movers in Gurgaon
    Packers And Movers Gurgaon To Noida is a well-known, repudiated, right, reliable and genuine moving association which has a huge network connection and links to international moving companies which helps us for the international move.
    Along with the providing of top and fast services of #Packing and #Shifting Movers and Packers in Gurgaon also offer you the most affordable and reasonable #Moving quotation which is as genuine you as serve you the services. The services you hire to move for that only the charge has been charged. No extra fee or advance amount had been asked you to pay; so it’s safe to move with us.
    Show your teamwork qualities
    No issues if you don’t have spend time with each other to know likes and dislikes but Packers and Movers in Gurgaon Local wants to give you a suggestion that this move can bring lots of love to your newlywed relationship. As for packing and moving you will spend time with each other, will have quality time, lots of chit- chat, play a romantic music in background which will give you more energy to work fast. This teamwork is best and nothing can match this hardship. So work as a team, work together, sped time has fun and enjoy this moving moment; because this is not going to come again.
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    How can I log into my iTunes account?


    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Open the iTunes Store App.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->Scroll to the bottom and tap Sign In.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->3.      <!--[endif]-->Tap Use Existing Apple ID, then enter the Apple ID and password that you use with the iTunes Store.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->4.      <!--[endif]-->Tap Sign In.

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    How can I save money when buying Apple products?


    To land top tech for less, consider these 13 resourceful tips for saving money at Apple:

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Buy after a new generation release. ...

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->Buy refurbished. ...

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->3.      <!--[endif]-->Shop the Apple Education Store. ...

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->4.      <!--[endif]-->Trade in your old devices. ...

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->5.      <!--[endif]-->Look for rebates. ...

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    Is Norton by Symantec safe?


    Norton Safe Web (sometimes abbreviated NSW) is a service developed bySymantec Corporation that is designed to help users identify malicious websites.Safe Web delivers information about websites based on automated analysis and user feedback. ... The 2012 release of Safe Web Lite added Google Chrome support.


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    Does McAfee slow down your computer?


    McAfee might be slowing down your computer because you have automatic scanning enabled. Scanning the computer for infections while you are trying to doother tasks could be too much for your system if you don't have enough memory or you have a slow processor.

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    How do I remove Kaspersky secure connection?

    Uninstall and remove Kaspersky Secure Connection

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Step 1: Type Appwiz.cpl in Start/taskbar search and then press Enter key to open Programs and Features window.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->Step 2: Look for Kaspersky Secure Connection entry. Now, right-click on the entry, and then click Uninstall/Change option.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->3.      <!--[endif]-->Step 3: Click Next, click Next button again and then click Remove button.



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    Does Bitdefender Internet Security include antivirus?

    Bitdefender Total Security and Internet Security include the same antivirusprotection with Bitdefender Antivirus 2019, our top pick for basic antivirusprotection. Bitdefender automatically blocks threats attempting to download to your computer from the internet

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    How do I download AVG for free?

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Download the installer for AVG AntiVirus FREE by clicking the button below and save it in a familiar location on your PC (such as your Windows desktop).
    Right-click the downloaded setup file and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.
    <!-- [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->When prompted by the User Account Control dialog for permission, click Yes (or Continue).
    <!-- [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->3.      <!--[endif]-->In the top-right corner of the welcome screen, select your installation language, and click Install.
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    AVG AntiVirus FREE is now installed on your PC and ready to use.


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    Can Avast get rid of malware?

    There's no better way to recognize, remove and prevent spyware than to use antivirus and anti-spyware software, the best of which is provided for free by Avast.

    Malware (short for “malicious software”) is considered an annoying or harmful type of software intended to secretly access a device without the user's knowledge. Types of malware include spyware, adware, phishing, viruses, trojan horses, worms, rootkits, ransomware and browser hijackers.


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