TopicProperly Choosing a Lasik Surgeon

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 11:02am

    With the struggling economy, consumers are not only looking to spend their hard earned Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review  depleted dollar more sparingly, but also to find the best value for what's left of that dollar. Every year, the purchasing cycle for eyewear has lengthened and last year, most patients reported waiting over 2 years to buy a new pair of glasses. Eyewear consumers are being forced to wear their existing glasses longer and longer and accept fewer and fewer benefits from their purchase. Additionally, tough economic situations and rising costs of consumer goods disable everyone's ability to purchase new eye wear that satisfies their increased needs.

    So, how do savvy eye wear consumers get the most "bang for the buck" More and more patients are concerning themselves with choosing eye wear that will satisfy the greatest number of their needs, for as long as possible, in a single pair of glasses AND at the best price. While many eye wear retailers offer warranty or replacement options to extend the life of their glasses, the greatest need expressed by eye wear consumers has always been the desire for prescription sun wear. Unfortunately, the cost of an additional, often more costly pair of eye wear is too much for the average consumer to bear and therefore, the one need that goes unsatisfied.

    As eye care practitioners strive to provide consumers with more valued options, few patients have been properly exposed to the new advances in "sun sensitive" lens technology. Despite mass media campaigns on TV and print media, these terrific products are still an under utilized value for eyeglass wearers. "Sun Sensitive" or "photoreactive" lenses darken when exposed to sunlight and provide eye glass wearers with remarkable protection from the sun's intensity and ultraviolet rays. Recent technological advances in this area of spectacle lenses reveal that these lenses darken and lighten faster than ever and perform superbly in even the harshest of conditions. While prescription sun wear will always be a recommended option for consumers, the "sun sensitive" lenses most often represent a 5075% savings over the additional expense of prescription sun wear.

    Virtually all lens prescriptions are available in these products and are likely to satisfy 8090% of your eye wear needs. Consumers should expect to spend anywhere from $65$135 additional for these lenses with the best prices usually found at the larger retailers. Consumers should also be aware that most eye care benefit programs offer some discounts for these products as well. Lastly, be sure to explore your practitioner's replacement or warranty options to help extend the value of your selection.


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