TopicHow to Lose Weight With Super Foods #1 - Blueberries

  • Mon 18th Mar 2019 - 7:39am

    You've probably heard that blueberries are considered to be a super food by many nutrition experts and Ultra Omega Burn Review doctors. They are not only power-packed with vitamins. Blueberries also contain enzymes and antioxidants that combat many health problems - from cancer to urinary tract infections.

    The "berry on top" of all these benefits: blueberries can help you shed those extra pounds!

    Fresh blueberries are delicious and sweet. But you may be surprised to discover that these berries are actually quite low in fruit sugar (fructose) and total calories, in spite of their natural sweetness. In fact, those of us who struggle with high blood sugar problems will reap great benefit from eating blueberries. The blueberry actually helps to regulate blood sugar levels. This is why even in low-carb diet programs like Atkins, blueberries are the only fruit allowed.

    Blueberries are also very rich in beneficial fiber. The high fiber content helps speed up elimination and promotes internal cleansing. If you're regular with your bathroom habits, you can be sure that blueberries will help prevent bloating and keep unwanted inches from growing on your midsection.

    Recent studies also show that there is a link between a high consumption of fresh blueberries and lower abdominal fat. This abdominal fat is the kind linked to diabetes and heart disease.

    Researchers involved believe the results show that antioxidant-rich blueberries may change how the body stores and processes glucose or sugar for energy, thereby reducing the risk of both heart disease and diabetes.

    Speaking of energy, blueberries are also a great energy booster for those involved in an exercise program for weight loss. The blue berry is a great recovery food, packed with nutrients to get your body going again after long workouts.


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