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  • Mon 18th Mar 2019 - 9:28am

    If you have just found out that you have high cholesterol and mustHerbalist CBD reduce its level, then the first things you should be aware of are the foods that are high in cholesterol. By avoiding these cholesterol high foods you will not miss anything except their taste, which can be certainly substituted with something similar for your better health.The daily recommended allowance for cholesterol consumption is 200mg. Here is a list of high cholesterol food that you should be aware of:

    Egg Yolk: research shows that egg yolk has the largest amount of cholesterol than any other food with an average of 1234mg/100 gram. This means that a single egg yolk will give you 210mg of cholesterol, more than the recommended daily consumption. It may be helpful to know that it is not the egg white but the egg yolk that contributes to this.Caviar: caviar is extremely popular among people in Northern and Eastern Europe as it comes in most of the popular bread spreads. A 100 gram serving of this cholesterol-filled food provides 588mg of cholesterol which is way more than the recommended daily amount.

    Liver, Foie Gras, Pate: our liver produces the cholesterol necessary for our bodies and it comes as no surprise that the excessive consumption of liver can increase your cholesterol levels. The liver of almost any meat will contain around 564mg of cholesterol with every 100 gram. Foie Gras and Pate contain a minimum of 255mg/100 gram.

    Butter: butter is greatly used in cookies, cakes, bread and vegetables. In fact, you can find butter in most of your cooking recipes. It contains a staggering 215mg of cholesterol/100 gram, which may frighten you when you realise how much you use it.Prawns and Shrimp: a delicious shrimp platter contains approximately 195mg of cholesterol per serving. This is similar with prawns too.Fish oil: fish has always been seen as a healthy alternative to red meat. Yet oil packed fish and the oil of fish itself contain a bit of extra cholesterol that can do a lot of harm. For example, Atlantic sardines carry 143mg of cholesterol/100 gram.


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