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  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 4:27am

    If you are someone that likes to bathe in public places or someone with sweaty feet, that Organic Fungus Nuker Review   could be the reason that you are suffering from athletes foot. Places such as locker rooms, swimming pools and shower booths are breeding grounds for common foot fungi. That is why you see several people sporting those fun little flipflops; they are actually a preventative measure.

    As a practicing Podiatric Physician and researcher for over 30 years, I have had a passion for understanding the link between foot mechanics and overall body health. I can still remember my professor in biomechanics saying 'the patient's manner of walking not only affects the overall health of the feet, but also the overall health of the body'. At that time I did not fully appreciate how prophetic his statement was How the foot functions, referred to as biomechanics, is a major determinant in the overall wellness of the patient. From an engineering point of view, this is easy to understand. An unstable foundation can produce problems in the entire building. Likewise, an unstable foot (e.g., one that abnormally pronates) can produce problems in the entire body.

    For years I attempted to stabilize foot mechanics by using supportive type foot insoles. These insoles typically incorporated an arch support with forefoot posting (wedging). They were very effective for controlling foot, knee and low back pain, but at a very high price. Over the years, it became apparent to me that by supporting the foot I was weakening it. As long as my patients wore their foot insoles, their body pain was less. However, their pain quickly returned when the insoles were not worn. It appeared I was addicting my patients to their orthoses

    The link between foot and musculoskeletal health can not be overstated. However, we recently discovered another important link between the foot and the body POSTURE. Our research indicates that a weak and unstable foot can and often results in postural distortions (poor posture). And these postural distortions occur in young children. It also became clear that postural distortions are a harbinger in the development of chronic body pain. The child with poor posture is the adult with chronic body pain.

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