TopicNecessary States of Minds For Success

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 4:37am

    Do you like to eat KFC? The taste of the chicken in KFC is really very delicious.Speak and Inspire However, do you know who invented this kind of chicken? Maybe most of you don't know about that. Actually, it is captain Sounders who invented KFC. He is the founder of it. Have you ever heard about the story of captain Sounders? Are you curious about his foundation of KFC? If so, this article will definitely appeal to you.

    Captain Sounders began his career when he was already 65 years old. Unbelievable, right? So what is the motivation for this kind of action? In fact, he was very poor at that time and was fairly lonely. He only got 105 dollars as his first cheque of relief fund. He felt very upset about it and asked himself that was there anything he could do to make contributions to the society.

    Suddenly, an idea came to his brain. He had a secret recipe about fried chicken which everyone would like. If he could not only sell this secret recipe but also told people how to fry chicken well so that the business of restaurants could increase, he could make a lot of money.

    It is common for people to have good ideas, however, what really matters is the instant action of the idea. Captain Sounders visited various restaurants to told the shop-keepers something about his opinions. Unfortunately, no one adopted his perspectives in the beginning. If captain Sounders gave up at that time, he wouldn't make such success.

    He was upset when he confronted the failure. However, he never gave up and went on trying again and again. There is a rule called personal power which means keep on doing something consistently and you will succeed at last. Captain Sounders put this rule into practice and tried for over a thousand times. His idea was accepted in the end.


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