TopicQuick Workouts for a Lean Toned Body

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 7:03am

    Most people today who have any sense whatsoever know that there isWildfit Quest no universal or other panacea for anything, not drugs, herbs, vitamins or other tonics for whatever ails you and certainly not for optimal health or wellness. Most have some understanding of the term "panacea," which basically is a Greek word meaning "universal remedy." Many centuries ago, starting with the Greeks (naturally, since it's their word!), various charlatans would assert that certain herbs were panaceas, able to cure all diseases. While the "cures" did not turn out so well, the word for the promises of amazing interventions survived.

    Today, the word is still used by charlatans for products or services alleged to cure anything or everything, but the word has evolved to mean much more. At present, the word panacea means "a remedy for all ills or difficulties--a cure all." As noted, most of us no longer take panacea claims of any kind seriously.

    There might be one exception--vigorous exercise. OK, maybe it won't "cure all," but it sure as blazes will help mightily in preventing most slings and arrows of an outrageous fortune, at least for a while under certain conditions. Well, maybe I just watered down the promise of this semi-panacea just a bit from the magical herbs of yesteryear, but I do think exercise should be considered the closest thing under the sun to a panacea.

    A CNN report (January 12, 2004) entitled, "Fitness reshapes the bottom line" promised a continental shift in the way employers embrace exercise and fitness as assets for a healthy (profitable) business. One executive enthused about exercise for the workforce, and almost ventured into panacea territory: "If you've got a healthy and productive workforce you should have a healthy and productive company." Well, other things being the same, that might be true.

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