TopicBone Needs - Is Calcium the Essential Element

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 10:27am

    When you are growing up you need certain nutrients, to grow. Once you reach your ultimate Pure Greens Review    mature size, you do not need growth nutrients in the same amounts as when you were growing up.

    Consider Your Bone Needs Intelligently

    The body of a growing child will accept good amounts of calcium, but it will excrete much of those amounts when he is already grown up. People take in large amounts of calcium in the hope of maintaining agility to their bones, or for purposes of replenishing calcium losses, but the kidneys will keep expelling much of it. It is true that some calcium is needed, but the body's requirements are for maintenance amounts, not growth amounts. So, what is the use of forcing it down your throat, when it will not even enter the bones In fact, many times the blood gets burdened with calcium and it deposits it along blood vessels, which negatively affect the elasticity of these vessels as well as muscle tissues. According to Dr. H. Ray Evers of the Magnesium Online Library, over-consumption of calcium will outdo other essential elements like magnesium and cause the heart muscle to contract and beat faster than normal, while aging the heart muscle.

    Common sense would tell me that calcium losses are not due to a lack of calcium, otherwise the body would not drive it out. Again, common sense would tell me that what the body needs is something that will retain the needed calcium amounts in the bones - a kind of effective glue. How nice then it would be, to stop burdening your body with what it is not demanding for.

    Minerals for the Bones

    When you eat or drink, endeavor to strike some balance. You know, minerals are normally biased on the alkaline side of the pH strip. That is to say, they are generally, alkaline salts. After swallowing our food, the first stopping point is the stomach. The stomach aids with a gastric acid known as hydrochloric acid. This acid digests by breaking up further the food we eat. When you take in a concentration of one mineral by overdoing the others, it will use up much of this acid and the other essential minerals will have a slim chance of getting digested and assimilated into the system. Please note that they are 'essential'. Avoiding these minerals or ingesting less than optimum amounts will tantamount to your system lacking in something essential or vital. Since they are mostly alkaline, they have a tendency to neutralize the digestive acid in the stomach and for one of them to out-compete another is not a safe option to take.


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