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  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 11:01am

    This leads me to a rather intriguing thought I had Monday afternoon. If we are notLaw of Attractioncommitted to success, we are committed to failure. Let me clarify my definition of failure...not being the success you have the potential to be.

    Not long ago in a parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona, I happened upon a gentleman exiting his vehicle. Without a second thought, I mentioned that he bore a striking resemblance to G. Gordon Liddy. He thanked me, smiled and replied "That's probably because I am G. Gordon Liddy." G. Gordon Liddy was the Counsel to the President during the Watergate investigations. He was well-known as the man who would not implicate anyone above him in the scandal that rocked Washington and caused then President Nixon to resign. Politics aside, I had to admire this man who was so committed to his principles and being the man he wanted to be...that he was willing to spend fifty-two and a half months in a maximum security prison.

    I enjoyed a great afternoon with Mr. Liddy and even asked him to sign a copy of his classic book "Will." I took away something very special from that afternoon: when everyone else was pointing fingers and saving themselves at all costs, one man was more committed to being the person he wanted to be. The choice seems simple and every day we have to make it...either committed to the person we want to be or committed to the person that's less than we can be.

    Environment makes a massive difference. What are you surrounding yourself with? Who are you hanging around with and listening to and being influenced by? Start to be aware of toxic influences. Start to notice the influence of your surroundings, including the people you are around a lot and situations you find yourself in repeatedly.

    A word on toxic people: this doesn't mean a judgement on their character; it is more an honest appraisal of the impact being around them has on you. Think of cheese or bread - in and of itself, those food items are not necessarily bad, but some of us are adversely affected by them.

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