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  • Fri 13th Oct 2017 - 12:01pm

    Learning proper forklift safety is important. In fact, it Lotto Dominator Review may save a life. Safety is an important component of forklift driver training. Many companies also show a safety video each year in order to make sure their employees keep forklift safety in mind. Documentation for certifications should be kept as long as the employee is with the company.The most important aspect of forklift safety is training, followed by awareness. No one should operate any forklifts that has not been trained to do so. It is not as easy to drive forklifts as it is driving cars. The steering is not as responsive, making it difficult to change direction quickly. Without proper training, a driver can be a very deadly liability to himself and others.

    Effective forklift driver education consists of some written book work/lecturing, practical experience, and evaluation. On going training and re-certification is also recommended.Drivers must also be aware of the load weight that they lift with forklifts. Too much weight can cause the machine to tip over, which may crush the driver or others. Tip overs account for about a quarter of accidents. Hitting another person is about 20% of injuries. About 10 % of accidents involve falling out of the forklift. A driver should never drive with the load facing downhill.

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