Topic Eating Ourselves to Death

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 5:53am

    Juicing raw fruit and vegetables can bring some healthy habits into your home for the whole family,  Setforget-pattern  starting with the baby on upward to Grandma. Someone who has spent a lifetime eating traditionally cooked foods will have drawn very little nourishment from their daily food intake.

    Raw foods provide all the nutrients and beneficial vitamins we 'cook out' of our food with conventional cooking processes. The same foods juiced in a good quality cold press masticating juicer will be far healthier with all the nutrients intact. Boiling and stewing fresh food takes out just about every nutrient yet we continue to boil cabbage for 15 minutes; boil turnips and parsnips for even longer and happily stew vegetable soups for hours before we are satisfied it is fit for human consumption!

    For people who cannot let go of the idea of their comfort food being hot, there is no reason why healthy raw foods cannot be heated as long as they are kept below 120ºF and a good eating temperature is actually around 110ºF. In the winter many converted raw foodies resort to heating their food - very few people are turned on by a cold plate of salad in the winter, no matter how nicely presented it might be.





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