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  • Wed 6th Mar 2019 - 4:26am

    Every day we tell ourselves stories - things that take place only in our heads.  Raikov Effect Review What stories we choose to tell ourselves determine who we are. What's your story? We tell ourselves stories every day. The person in front of us in the checkout line who smiled at us - we tell ourselves that she is a good person who likes us. The person on the road who cut us off in traffic - we tell ourselves that he is a moron who doesn't know how to drive and is insensitive to other drivers.

    The prospect who hasn't returned our call in days - we tell ourselves that she didn't like us and that we are bothering her. The fact is that none of these stories have any basis in reality. They are assumptions that we make based on the events that we perceive. Here's another completely plausible possibility for each situation. The woman who smiled at you in the checkout line could have just embezzelled $20,000 from a payroll account that would mean that those people would not get paid this week. She may be happy because she is spending some of that money on something she wants.

    The man who cut you off in traffic may be on his way to the hospital where his son has just been admitted to the emergency room after having been hit by a car on his way to school. The prospect who hasn't returned your call may be worried about wasting your time. She may be waiting until she hears from her parents about whether they will actually help her with the down payment on her home.

    I could tell you a multitude of possible stories for each of these situations. The number of stories is infinite. The point of this example though is to show you that the stories we tell ourselves have no relationship to reality. They are a reflection of our assumptions and our world view. It is just as easy to tell yourself that the person in front of you likes you as it is to think that she is a thief. It is just as easy to assume that the person who cut you off has an emergency as it is to assume that he did it to ruin your day.



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