TopicAccelerated Flight Training: Common Questions Answered

  • Wed 6th Mar 2019 - 9:37am

    Secondly, you must be kind and not lose your temper when training  Vert Shock Review sessions aren't going as well as you hoped. If your dog doesn't seem to understand or get it right away, you as the trainer should never use punishment as a training tactic. Punishing your dog may make matters worse and depending on the type of punishment you implement, may get you in trouble with various authorities.

    The third key to a successful training program is flexibility. If your dog is struggling to learn and just doesn't grasp your training program be flexible and try something new. There are many factors that come into play when training your dog. Your training sessions may be too long or too short, your sessions may be scheduled too close to feeding time, or your surroundings may be distracting to your dog. Your training program may have to be broken down into smaller and simpler steps. Remember you are the master, so try a new agenda if the current program is not working as well as you hoped!

    The fourth key to follow that can make your program a success is being generous. Try to be generous with both your time and rewards. Make it a habit to always reward your dog's correct responses. Treats are great motivators for dogs so always be more than generous when he or she deserves it. Make sure you can commit adequate time to your training sessions. Remember this is "quality time" your spending with your pet, so be very generous. The method of training outlined in this training guide is based on positive reinforcement. Remember, one key to success is rewarding your dog properly. This means giving him or her something they love exactly at the right moment.

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  • Wed 6th Mar 2019 - 10:00am

    Flying training you share is very good and attractive. I appreciate the information you share. Thanks very much.

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