TopicMasturbation Shake-Up: Handy Techniques to Try

  • Thu 7th Mar 2019 - 4:45am

    Say No to Smoking If there's one single thing  Provitazol  that you can do right now to boost your semen production, it's to stop smoking. Every cigarette that your smoke affects your semen volume adversely. Not just this, it affects the health of your sperm and its DNA structure as well. You would be doing a great favor to your self and your next generation by giving up smoking.

    Try Natural Semen Enhancement Pills Last, but not the least, you must try natural semen enhancement pills which are also called 'volume pills'. These pills are a blend of natural ingredients that replenish your body with all the minerals and other nutrients that it needs to boost both testosterone and semen production. As a matter of fact, such pills can do much more than just enhance your semen output. They can ensure complete sexual enhancement for men and that too without any adverse or harmful side effects.

    It's hardly surprising that such pills are a massive hit among men. Some of the best ones are endorsed and recommended by doctors too. Sexual phenomena (such as masturbation or gay sex) tend to be shocking and alien until we discover we enjoy them. Similarly once we experience arousal, we see the positive (rather than the offensive) aspects of eroticism. Anyone who objects to eroticism does not understand the nature of arousal.

    There is a belief that we all need sex. But women experience neither sex drive nor the associated sexual frustration. Men are aroused by sexual thoughts or discussions. Once a man is aroused, he can suffer significant frustration if intercourse is not available. This explains why many writers of erotic fiction are women. Female arousal is like a deep pool within a woman's subconscious that she may be able to dip into from time to time. As a mature woman I find that as long as the correct anatomy is stimulated (clitoris and entrance to the vagina or rectum) orgasm occurs predictably. But if I am aiming for orgasm I need to block out the physical world to focus on the sensations within my body and on achieving mental arousal.



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