Topic3 Reasons Why You Should Add E-Commerce To Your Business

  • Fri 8th Mar 2019 - 4:18am

    For today, I want to put into perspective where we are in terms of the  Salehoo Review development of e-Commerce. It has been 18 years since the commercialization of the internet and the web. Conventional "brick and mortar" retailers have not disappeared, but the competition from online has favored the larger retailers. Small boutiques have had a hard time competing unless they can offer something very unique. The day after Thanksgiving has long been recognized as a critical day for retailers. Some people assume that the day has been dubbed "Black Friday" as a negative characterization, but it comes from the huge volume of holiday sales on that day can actually put a retailer into "the black" for the year, that is make a profit.

    Online retailing is becoming an increasingly important part of the economy, so much so that the largest "cyber shopping" day of the year has been given its own moniker, "Cyber Monday". It seems that once the shopping frenzy has commenced, consumers don't want a little thing like being at work stop them. They evidently continue the madness from the confines of their workplace using their office computer and, increasingly their mobile devices.

    It may be hard to believe today, especially if you under 30, but there was considerable doubt about the viability of online retailing when the web first kicked off in earnest in 1994. That was the year that the government lifted rules that barred the commercial use of the internet. It kicked off an era that is known at the dot com boom, where are remarkable amount of new business's started up to take advantage of the web as a new business platform. Suddenly, everything you could imagine was being offered online, from toys to shoes, from cars to homes.

    The dot com boom was followed by the dot com bust, where most of these new ventures disappeared. In hindsight, this should not have been surprising. Historically, 90% if business startups fail within 5 years. The fact that so many dot com companies started at the same time meant that quite predictably most of them would go out of business at the same time. Build an E-Commerce Site and add value to your business by strengthening your online presence. An E-Commerce website has become an indispensable part for every business owner to promote himself worldwide and enhance trade leads.


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