TopicHunger Suppressants Can Help You Control Your Desire to Eat

  • Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 5:20am

    Ensure that your main course is protein and not Weight Loss Breeze  carbohydrate dominant. (i.e: no pastas, fried rice or au gratin dishes). I once saw a couple finish off a sharing a big plate of fried rice and each already has their own bowl of white rice to accompany some meat dishes. They washed down that high carbohydrate meal with beer - another high carbohydrate beverage. Do not do this, ever! Avoid dishes that are labelled "fried, crispy, au gratin, pan-fried, sautéed, buttered, creamed or stuffed. These are foods high in fat and calories. Instead, choose dishes that are steamed, boiled, baked, grilled, poached or roasted.

    For beverage, choose water with a slice of lemon. If you have to drink, opt for a glass of red wine instead of beer. Avoid the temptation to gorge yourself with the free flow of bread or chips. If it is ok with your dining partner(s), return the bread If your meal comes with either whipped potato, baked potatoes, fries or white rice, request for it to be replaced with boiled vegetables or salad instead. Restaurants will usually accommodate.

    Unless it is your cheat day - where you can eat anything you wish at reasonable amounts - you should choose healthy desserts. Yes there are such things as healthy desserts but they are hard to come by so make sure you take extra caution on this. Otherwise, all that restraint you've exercised during the earlier part of the meal will be wasted if you end off the meal with a creme brulee. Opt for a mixed fruit platter or low-fat yogurt. If everything on the dessert menu is either apple pie, cakes or ice cream, then just ask for a coffee/tea. It's better that way, trust me. If you succumb to temptation, you will regret it more after eating those sinful dessert.

    Personally, I try to opt for Japanese cuisine when eating out. It's not hard to figure out why Japanese food is the healthier choice among all others considering Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the world. While Japanese cuisine is not without it's sinful options, it is nonetheless, the "lesser of the evils" for fat loss when you compare with other cuisines such as Indian and Italian. Just consume the tempuras and tonkatsus in moderation. Also, easy on the soy sauce. Use just enough to give the sushi and sashimi some taste.


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