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  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 9:20am

    Let's now look at the cause of your oral candidiasis symptoms. Clave De Diabetes Revisión  Generally, the cause of candidiasis is the Candida albicans fungus that resides naturally in your body, but is usually kept in check by your body's 'friendly' bacteria. Sometimes though your bacteria numbers are such that they can't cope and the fungus overgrows into a candidiasis infection. This can occur in most any place in or on your body, but the fungus prefers the warm, moist areas like the mouth, vagina, anus etc. The things that can trigger this situation are things like diabetes, damaged immune system, poor nutrition, antibiotics and steroids overuse, stress, etc. In terms of your oral thrush, the things that help to encourage the growth are; badly fitting dentures that can 'tear' the membranes, the use of steroid inhalers, smoking, sugary foods and drinks, and oral sex with an infected partner. Your usual line of treatment for oral candidiasis symptoms is through 'swish and swallow' liquid suspensions or pastilles or lozenges that are slowly melted in your mouth. And these can work quite well if followed diligently.

    But what many folks have been finding, perhaps this is you too, is that their oral candidiasis takes ages to go away, or, it goes away only to return again once the medication has been stopped. This is believed to be because these medications are drug-based and only attack the oral candidiasis symptoms and not the root cause. And the candida albicans can become drug-resistant, making the drugs ineffective after a while. So many folks like you are utilising the benefits of totally natural home remedies that don't have the negative side effects of expensive drug-based treatments for candidiasis.n Typical of these are the use of things like raw apple cider vinegar, plain unsweetened yogurt, and garlic to name just a few. But there are also other things to consider such as dietary changes (what to eat / what you shouldn't eat) and even lifestyle changes, etc. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. set a goal of having at least 90% of Americans age 50 and above to receive a flu vaccine. That is a BIG goal! Maybe too big... That goal has not been met in one state even though it is getting easier and easier to get a vaccine.


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