TopicParenting Tips For ADHD - Use These Tips to Make Life Easier For You and Your Child

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 9:59am

    Its either perfect or completely useless, great or terrible, good or bad. Thinking like this Super Memory Formula leaves no room for the middle ground. If you catch your self doing this try to think of things in a grey scale, rating them 100 for very bad and 0 for very good. This works very well for dealing with this particular thought distortion. Mind Reading: This is literally reading peoples minds, guessing what they are thinking and assigning negative reasons to their actions and behavior. Next time you catch yourself doing this try to tell yourself that there is no way you know what someone is thinking so might as well assume the best! Fortune Telling: This is a big one! This basically is when you have already decided that the outcome of your actions will be negative so you take no action at all when often times the negative prediction is grossly inaccurate. Try to stay present and take right action anyway.

    There has been ongoing and somewhat controversial press about cell phones and health. Not only can they distract drivers and cause potential accidents, but there may be a link to brain cancer. It is enough for my mother to nag me and ask if I'm calling on my cell every time we talk, and yes, I usually am. The issue is the electromagnetic waves coming from the cell phones.

    Researchers used mice that were particularly susceptible. In fact they were bred specifically to develop this disease. The mice were exposed to similar electromagnetic waves 2 hours a day for 7 to 9 months, and young mice that did not yet have Alzheimer 's disease (AD) did not develop it, and older mice with early signs improved in memory and other areas. The current theory behind these seemingly bizarre results is that these electromagnetic waves may warm the brain and help suppress the formation of toxic beta-amyloid proteins that are present in AD, and also help speed their removal.


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