TopicWhy You Are Likely to Need a Hearing Test

  • Mon 18th Mar 2019 - 6:25am

    You think you can hear just fine so why do you need Tinnitec  a hearing test? Though many people never expect to be one of the people that lose at least some of their ability to hear, it is common for this to happen. In fact, most people will need screenings when they are older. Do you remember all of those times your parents told you to turn down the radio or that the TV was too loud? Those could come back and haunt you later, when you are older and can no longer hear well. Most people are at risk at some level.

    The Statistics Define It There is no doubt that more people need a hearing test than those that do not. Just a look at the statistics can tell you that you are likely to need regular screenings and even a device to boost your ability to hear at some point in your life. About one third of Americans who are between the ages of 65 and 75 will have some level of loss of their ability to hear. If you are over the age of 75, things get worse. About half of those who are over the age of 75 will have some type of loss in the ability to hear.

    It's Not Controllable In many cases, it is not possible to control these risks. Hereditary factors do play a role in this process. If your older family members had some type of loss when they were older or even before this, then it is likely that you will also have some amount of loss present. In many cases, you may be unable to avoid having this type of loss. There is no way to prevent hereditary-caused loss and there is no way to fix it permanently, though there are steps you can take to boost your ability to hear later on.

    It May Be Controllable For those who have no history of this in their family, the loss may stem from other factors such chronic exposure to sound that are too high or too loud. This will likely lead to a small amount of loss over a period of time, though it can lead to much faster loss in some people especially if they are constantly exposed to noise or loud sounds.The fact is that most people are going to need some type of hearing test throughout their lifetimes.They might be a signal to you to have a hearing test.Some problems may be more physical, such as ringing in your ears. This can be annoying and it too may signal a problem with your ability to hear. If you have this issue, you should speak with your primary care physician. 


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