TopicDefining Success

  • Mon 18th Mar 2019 - 8:55am

    If you do not have a clear definition of what success Curso Maestro Reiki means to you, how will you know if you have achieved it? If your definition of success is some inherited, vague and undefined idea, your results, at best, will be vague and undefined. Your fulfillment and happiness will be as illusive as the distinctness of your definition.The super successful all have a clearly defined idea of what success is. It is more than likely written down. It certainly has been the result of some very careful thought combined with some very passionate desire.The creation of success begins with having definite, unambiguous and distinct ideals, and having an intense longing for their fulfillment.Stop right now and take the time and effort to write down a definition of success. Then study it carefully. Is it reflective of who you are and what you truly want? Does it inspire passion? If not, work at it until you are prepared to commit your life, your time, your effort to without ceasing.

    Forget the expectations of others. Forego the cultural bias you have assumed. Make it yours. Unique! Special!Make it complete enough to include all aspects of self... material, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I once saw an interview with Donald Trump, in which he claimed to have figured out what success is and how to go about getting it. He said, "I could start over anytime and become successful in almost any business."I believe him. The interviewer then asked about his two failed marriages. He laughed and said, "Well, I guess I have not figured out how to create a successful marriage yet."

    He knows success. He has proven that. His original, personal definition of success, however, did not include either the ideal of a life-long relationship or a commitment to it. Perhaps it does not need to. Maybe his idea of relationship success is a series of exciting short-term relationships. That is his business and it is not our place to decide the worth of his choices.There are plenty of examples of people who, late in life, wake up to the fact that they have lived their lives in pursuit of something that, in the end, had not as much value as the things they sacrificed to get there.

    The point is, if you are not inclusive in your definition, you will find success in one area of your life, perhaps at the sacrifice of some other area. Make your personal definition of success as complete and comprehensive as you can. It will evolve over time and you will adjust it as you go along.Write it down and read it regularly. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Next, write down your ideals in each aforementioned area of your life. Refine them. Make sure they are yours, not your parents, your teachers or your peers. Ensure that they are in alignment with your specified definition of success.

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