TopicChange Or Die - The Not So Easy Choice

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 11:27am

    This great factor consists of a simple one time step backed Becoming Limitless with affirmation on the part of he that encounters it and intends to appropriate it for his own positive ends which could be any thing from passing an impending academic examination to acquiring one or more of the supposed good things of life. Great philosophers found it and utilized it to change the worldview of the people of their day and generations thereafter continue to be thankful to them. Great leaders down the ages utilized it to found dynasties, build empires, create civilizations and dominate the history of their era. The world owes the significant amount of knowledge embedded in architectural pieces, science, books, and artistic expressions as in crafts, dance, music, songs, drama and theater, social and economic advancements to this singular factor. In general, it consists of one man or woman, or a group of like minded souls after a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding them, express sincere dissatisfaction in them and reach a decision to immediately take steps to put in place measures that will enable them achieve their new goal successfully.

    Just as in the foregoing, it streams from an obsessive desire by an individual or group to take their destiny into their own hands backed with a strong willed determination to stay on the course until they are able to actualize their dream. Often, at the time of reaching these often seeming fatal decisions, the protagonists do not have a clear-cut plan of action on how to reach their destination, but they sure have an inviolable clear-cut objective which consists in the total rejection of their present undesirable circumstances and a burning desire to escape from its grip by taking whatever steps are necessary to realize this burning desire. tempted to give it a name, and they were all correct in that they tended to fashion a name that will match their perceptions of this factor. For me and guided by the hand of Him that instructed me to set out on this mission and in accordance to His will, I call it "Success at the Speed of Now".



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