Topic How You Can Lose the Belly Fat

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 12:16pm

    The sad thing is that these people could have still eaten at a fast Green Barley Plus food restaurant without having to grab fattening and greasy foods. Fast food restaurants have healthy choices, too, and just making the right choices can allow you to stick to your diet and still hit the drive through. As a Costa Mesa personal fitness trainer, I've give this advice to my clients about how to eat fast food without the guilt. Here are my "Fast Food Meets Fitness" Tips, some of which might leave you a little surprised!

    Do Your Research - Go to the website of the restaurant before you go. Check out the nutritional information. This is a good eye opener because you will see the fat and calories in the foods you usually choose. If you forget or cannot check out the website beforehand then ask for a nutritional guide at the counter.

    Skip Fried and Choose Grilled - A good example is choosing grilled instead of crispy chicken. Crispy is one of those descriptive terms that mean deep-fried and that means a lot of fat and calories. Grilled is always the better choice.

    Get Extra Veggies - When you get a sandwich just ask for double the veggies. Most of the time this is free and will give you extra nutrients in your meal. I am a Costa Mesa personal trainer and I do this a lot when I eat fast food.

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