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  • Wed 20th Jun 2018 - 11:22am

    The engine is a single cylinder engine of 11-horse EZ Battery Reconditioning Review power overhead valve. Overhead valve engines have a propensity to have an extensive life. Furthermore, fuel consumption is on the lower side where less noise and pollution are other additive advantage of such engine. Another feature, which makes engine unique is has a very low amount of carbon built-up which can minimize the power of the cart engine. In addition to this, the engine remains comparatively cooler than the other different types of engines of older versions. This is due to the two-quart oil capacity and an effective pressure lubrication system which is designed in such a manner that the parts remained well lubricated resulting in better cooling performance and minimum engine wear. Within the parts, the key positive is the disposable oil filter, which is usually a feature of big engines.

    Kohler engine is the easiest to handle and great in functioning. Besides the engine, the conversion kit carries a wide range of new parts. This includes a muffler system along with that a drive belt and a the mounting plate for the engine is also there, a starter generator belt plus a choke cable so that the end user would not have to be perturbed about having old parts of the engine that may perhaps tire out before the main parts do. Therefore, the Kohler engines are easy to use and all the components and spare parts are within your reach. So buy one today.


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