Topic Dealing With a Non-Apparent Automobile Injury

  • Thu 21st Mar 2019 - 10:31am

    Along with these injection sites, there has Curafen Review  been a slow movement to change the type of injections that are done with regards to the medication. There are some studies being done looking at regenerative medications including stem cell therapy that can potentially grow back some of the lost cartilage and also help to heal an injury in the shoulder such as from a labral tear or a rotator cuff tear. If these do well in research studies, it will represent a new revolution in the treatment of shoulder pain.It is simply amazing how many patients in this country suffer from some sort of chronic pain. A new study last year done by the Institute of Medicine showed that over one third of the United States suffers from a chronic pain problem. This cost well over $500 billion a year in healthcare costs.

    Typically when a person goes either online or into their doctors office, the information that they get is written in significant medical lingo. The terms that are often utilized are very difficult for patients to understand, therefore they often get frustrated. This makes them either leave that website or potentially have to find another doctor if they cannot understand the treatment being explained because it's too complicated sounding.Here are three tips on how information should be presented to pain management patients with proper education on such issues as low back pain, neck pain, neuropathy, sciatica, headaches, and arthritis so they will remember it and help with treatment.

    Speak to them in language that they understand. Most individuals are neither doctors nor understand terms of anatomy. For this reason, it would be inappropriate for doctors to speak as if they were speaking to another doctor. Terms such as anterior or posterior or vascular or vertebrae, these are all medical terms that most people have no clue what they refer to. Doctors should keep it simple and explain it to the patient as if there were explaining it to one of their non-medical friends at dinner.

    Repetition is key. If a doctor tells something to a patient once, they may remember it for an hour. If they explain something to a patient over and over again, they may actually remember the information. It is well-known that patients forget approximately 50% of the information they hear within an hour of leaving the office. So it may be that they hear you and understand what is being said at the time, but remarkably most of that information is gone very quickly. A lot of patients either call back the next day or before even leaving the office they forget some of the key concepts that were presented to them.

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