TopicCool and Confident Decisions

  • Thu 21st Mar 2019 - 12:16pm

    In May of 1804, Lewis and Clark embarked from St. Louis on what was to becomeAwaken the Species Reviewthe most dangerous expedition in American history. Their mission was to explore and follow the Columbia River to its source, the Pacific Ocean. This mission would result in discovering what became known as the Pacific Passage.

    They returned to St. Louis in September of 1906, successfully navigating the rough and dangerous terrain to report that they had in fact found the route to the Pacific. This expedition came with a high cost to the well being and lives of the many men who were a part of the expedition. Some men died as a result of illness, others perished from treacherous descents and climbing accidents.

    At times they would travel weeks and hundred of miles in a westerly route, only to be turned back by a 500 foot precipice that could not be navigated. Countless times, provisions, serious injury or lost lives were the price they paid to achieve their destination.

    A map maker knows that to fulfill their dream, the path they must embark on is not always the shortest distance between two points. Like each of us in our lives, Lewis and Clark did not have the luxury of someone before them leaving a trail or true compass to reach their destination unscathed. The only way that they were going to achieve their goal was to move forward each and every day in pursuit of their dream, not knowing when or where they were going to make a mistake but knowing that inevitably, they would.

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