TopicAll Dreams Are Not Created Equal

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 3:47am

    By the time the work day was complete, Roger needed an escape. A stop by the neighborhood bar was just the remedy.Roger surrendered to the bottle and began to drink heavily five or six nights a week. His family tried to help him reverse this bad habit, but he seemed intent on self-destruction.Roger described the efforts of his wife. A pain and sadness swept over him. By the time he was 32 he had lost his job, his wife and his children. He moved into a small apartment where his mother paid his rent.

    for six months. Like everybody else who tried to help him, Roger pushed her away, too. She soon gave up.Roger was then forced to live in his car. One day, after a day of scrounging for food he returned to the spot where his car was parked. It was gone. Impounded by the police because of unpaid back taxes and parking tickets. Roger was officially homeless for the first time in his life.Twenty years had passed. Rath's conclusion is that once relationships are broken.

    little else matters. Roger was evidence of that. In his wisdom of doing resmanifestingearch for The Gallup Organization, Rath was winding down his interview with Roger, but he had one last question Writes Rath, "Roger paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and said, "I don't think anyone does anymore.""And there's the rub. Connections with other people, people who matter to us. But not only that, people who expect things of us. People who set the bar high for us because they have faith and confidence in us.

    In our families and in our businesses, we need to make sure we're working daily to connect, engage and set expectations. Without our families, our employees, our vendors and our customers - we can slip into economic homelessness like Roger.Do you have a goal to live a life of plenty? There is a proverb that says: The thoughts of the steady and diligent bring plenty but impatience and haste lead to unfulfilled desires. If you would like to live a life of plenty this proverb teaches us that there are specific actions to avoid and specific actions to apply.

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