TopicBoosting Metabolism - Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:07am

    Recently I have been testing people to determine their resting metabolic rate. I was surprised to find that many Total Trim 11 Review   of those tested had resting metabolic rates well below the predicted value for their age, sex, height, and weight. In the process, I became aware that many of those tested didn't understand what these their resting metabolic rate meant. Perhaps this information will help you!

    First, a person's metabolic rate accounts for about 60-75% of the calories that they will "burn" in a day. These calories, about 1200-2400 PER DAY, reflect the amount of energy that it takes every day to keep the various body systems functioning with the energy they need. These calories will be used even if you remain at rest all day.

    Secondly, TOTAL metabolic rate is determined by ADDING the calories "burned" through physical activity and those needed to digest the food we eat in a day TO the resting metabolic rate. Physical activity can account for 15-30% of the calories used in a day while digestion accounts for 10-15% daily. Average TOTAL metabolic rate of an individual engaged in normal daily activity ranges from 1800-3,000 calories per day. To summarize, if a person added the calories burned from their resting metabolic rate plus those from their daily physical activity AND the calories used just to digest the food that is eaten, then this would reflect the total calories used in a day or their TOTAL DAILY ENERGY EXPENDITURE.


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