TopicThe Power to Choose - Watch, Wonder Or Make Things Happen

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:10am

    Everything you need to know to How to Write a Book Review  find peace, happiness and success resides within you. There is adequate evidence that the mind is a storehouse of both known's and unknowns - things you know, things you have forgotten and things you believe you have yet to learn or don't know. There are a number of biological studies over the years that believe that everything that is or ever will be resides in the miraculous tool that we call mind. I will not dispute or validate these findings.

    However I ask you, have you ever just listened to your inner guidance system without judgment, pleading or resistance? Have you ever asked your mind to give you answers to life's challenges and opportunities? Have you ever really listened? I will tell you that most people are so busy, stressed and active that they can even imagine taking just a few minutes each day to listen.

    What can your mind teach you or help you with? It is limitless. Every discovery since the beginning of time has come from someone's mind - their imagination or creativity. Everything that will ever exist comes from the mind. Things are not invented they are discovered after thoughtful contemplation. The famous composer's mind is no better than the average teacher. The young person's mind is no better than the senior citizen's. Mind is not about age, race, religion, gender or nationality. Mind is a resource that few people tap into to find answers.

    But, to find them requires silence or a quiet mind. No music, no thoughts, no worries, no objectives and no purpose. Just sitting and listening. You might ask, well what am I listening for? I don't have a clue, what your mind tells you in the silence will not be the same things that my mind tells me in the quiet.


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