TopicAre You People Smart?

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:12am

    We all go through life aiming for something or the other. We target growing up, them it becomes time to be 15 Minute Manifestation  educated and we jump on that target. After a short time, the pressure builds to make it sure we are not left behind on the matters of crucial importance like getting married. What happens after marriage? We aim to give birth to children and then the hurdle of raising them emanates. This space is actually a lifelong process that never stops. The children that was born must grow, and then the cycle we just went through must repeat itself. And on and on it goes till eternity which has no end that we are already in unfolds right before our eyes.

    At some point, we ultimately come to a place where we must take a step backwards and ask key questions like where our lives would have faced if we had the opportunity to choose our choices and make our decisions all over again. This is a point where questions like "What is the meaning of wisdom?" spring out of our thoughts like a major puzzle that must be solved. And truly, there is a need to figure this all out and quickly too. Knowledge is the ability to know. Well, that may not be dictionary meaning but let us simplify things here. When you know about something, in order to be able to make good use of the information that you now know, you must fully understand it. How will you understand something that you already know about if you do not put it to action? Can you see a tie here? Okay, here it is.

    Wisdom is putting into action what you have known and understood. The application of all that has been discovered over a period of time based on full understanding of how it all works together makes the word wisdom come to life. That is why wisdom is the principal thing, you must get wisdom. If you know so much and never take a step to understand the reason why what you know is the way it is, something is missing. Above all, when you finally understand the reason why your discovered truth is made available to you, doing something specifically important with the knowledge is principally pertinent.

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