TopicDare to Dream, and Dream Big

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:31am

    Do you desire wealth? All wealth is a product of thought. So is the lack of wealth.  Becoming Limitless  If you are lacking the wealth you desire, it is because you are lacking the thoughts that produce wealth. The millionaire lifestyle is produced by adopting the millionaire mindset. Get it here free. Well, it won't cost you any money; but it will cost you some mental activity. Got any to spare? It is said that every person has at least one good story in them! Some people are gifted to have more than one.

    Do you know a future writer - someone who dreams of writing fiction, poetry, or short stories? Maybe that future writer! If you dream of writing, then why not write? There once was a young girl who dreamed of becoming a writer. Her goal was to become the next Stephen King...or 'Stephanie', at least. When she was about 16, she started writing a novel. It took her over a year to complete it and at 17, she tried to find a publisher. She submitted query letters, partial manuscripts...and her dreams, for other people to judge. She received rejection letter after rejection letter.

    The first strike against her was that she had very few published works - a few town articles in a small local paper were her only credit. The second strike against her was that she was Canadian, struggling to get into a predominantly American market. 95% of the major, big-league publishing companies were American. She hit a brick wall - hard.

    For the next few years, she wrote mostly poetry until she submitted a health and beauty article and landed another column in a small newspaper. And then a year or so later she ended up in a New Brunswick newspaper, as the writer of a song dedicated to the Gulf War soldiers. This was the first indication that she had power - power to influence people's emotions, to make them feel something.


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