TopicWhat Happens When Ingrown Toenails Aren't Treated and When to Seek Help

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:33am

    Ingrown toenails. Chances are you've had one or know someone who has had one. Fungus Hack Review This common foot problem results in red, swollen and potentially painful inflammation in the skin of your toe around where the toenail pierces and grows into the skin of the toe.

    There are many causes of this toenail issue with the most common cause being the improper trimming of toenails.You may think that your ingrown toenail isn't that big of a deal. It doesn't look too bad and it doesn't cause much pain or discomfort.What happens if you don't treat your ingrown toenail? Well, long story short, it can easily transform from something minor to something more serious.

    Whenever the skin is punctured and compromised, germs and bacteria can enter the body. When this happens, an infection results as the body attacks the invading germs and bacteria. An infection usually involves redness, inflammation, and heat. Some infections can also include tenderness, itchiness, throbbing and pain. An ingrown toenail will result in an infection that will gradually work into deeper layers of skin and tissue. When left untreated, deeper layers of skin and tissue are affected. This infection can go into the bone tissue. Bone infections can take many weeks to treat and can cause additional pain, redness and swelling of the toes and feet.

    Complications of the skin surrounding the nail and the nail itself can have complications if the ingrown toenail isn't treated. The skin around the toenail can get scarred, the border of the nail can become deformed and thickened and the toenail may become infected with fungus, causing it to become discolored and deformed. Tenderness, bleeding and draining may also occur around the ingrown toenail.

    When to Seek Help

    It is important to get your ingrown toenail treated as soon as possible to keep it from progressing and getting worse. In the early stages, simple home remedies can eradicate the problem. If the condition isn't better in a week or if the pain and discomfort get worse, an appointment with a medical professional is recommended.

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