TopicThe Solution to Male Pattern Baldness

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 4:34am

    Healthy foods - Hair growth can be well promoted if a Regen Regrowth person will eat the proper types of foods. Biotin rich foods are truly beneficial. Herbal foods can be great as well that can give high nutrients that can prevent balding, these are saw palmetto, green tea and Ginko. Additionally, vegetables, fishes, curds, pulses and milk can be good and can prevent balding. This is because they are foods that contain high protein that can stabilize the hair growth and keep the scalp healthy.

    Shampoo - Strong shampoos can damage hair and scalp. Light shampoos are great recommendations because they will not be destructive to the growth of hair or will cause the hair of hair fall and hair loss. Conditioner can be applied after shampooing because it moisturizes the hair because of natural oils and minerals. Aloe Vera is a good content of a shampoo that can keep the hair fuller, strong and healthy. A helpful tip is that never use shampoo daily if you have a dry hair.

    Supplements - Minerals and vitamins are good for the hair and body. If a person is deficient, it will have more tendency of getting bald. Iron, protein and zinc are good for the hair because this keep the hair growing stronger and no need of high cost or expensive therapies and surgeries. Aromatherapy - this is a good massage therapy for the hair and scalp. It reduces or prevents excessive hair loss or preventing balding. This is the use of good oils with rich in roman chamomile, bay, jojoba, bay, cedar wood, rosemary and lemon. They keep the hair and scalp healthy and give the hair balanced blood circulation. For prolonged use of this process will give good results. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine can increase the possibility of hair loss or balding. To prevent this from happening, get rid of them and expect fuller, stronger and wonderful hair.

    Early signs of balding are slow hair fall after shampoo, and then gentle strip off of hair on hairbrush, tight scalp, dry hair then finally hair start to fall excessively then worst, a person will result to baldness. Do not let this thing happen at early stage so start doing the right things earlier as possible in preventing balding. A lot of people suffer from hair loss or baldness which results in the frustration and confusion in most of these people. It may sometimes lead to negative side-effects on self-confidence and influence their character in general. Hence, let us discuss in brief the causes of baldness as well as some solutions for hair loss.



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