TopicProblems and Solutions With a Full-Face CPAP Mask

  • Fri 22nd Mar 2019 - 5:31am

    In many sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea, the use of a full-face CPAP Nutri Sleep RX   mask is highly recommended because of its health benefits. With the CPAP machine, mild air pressure is feed into the person's airways, thus, keeping it open while you sleep. This is especially important considering that obstructive sleep apnea causes the person to inhale less than sufficient amounts of oxygen into the lugs, no thanks to the frequent pauses in breathing.

    Unfortunately, there are usage issues with CPAP masks that make them less than effective for many individuals. But since this is matter of health, you must find ways to overcome your initial difficulties with them. Here then are the ways to do so.

    Slow but Sure Adjustment

    Nobody is telling or expecting you to immediately fall in love with the CPAP mask. In fact, even the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute asserts that it will take at least a week to get used to it although some may take as long as a month. The primary reason appears to be the CPAP mask's closed design that induces claustrophobia even in people who do not have it, not to mention that the background hiss of the machine takes some getting used to.

    To counteract these inconveniences, in a manner of speaking, you can heed these tips:

    * Start by holding the mask to your face for a few minutes each day. This should be done while you are relaxing, waiting for a family member and just about every chance you can get.

    * Progress to wearing the mask with the straps on for short sessions, which should be complemented with the addition of the hose.

    * Practice wearing the mask with the machine up and running for a few minutes each day. You should then be able to get used to wearing the CPAP mask during the night.


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